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Have dwarf iris, daylilies, flag iris

13 years ago

After packing a large box for a trade today I have some things left and would like to trade them all in one trade if possible but not necessary. I have the following:

1 large fan of autumn red daylily

4 fans of red magic daylily

4 large rhizomes of yellow flag iris

1 large rhizome of a bronze colored dwarf bearded iris--it looks similar to pictures of gingerbread man but it has yellow beards rather than blue--it has bloomed and has 4 new rhizomes coming out of the larger one that bloomed and these could be planted as four new rhizomes.

2 large rhizomes of "Little Dream" dwarf bearded iris that has bloomed--one has three new rhizomes attached and one has four new rhizomes attached.

2 small rhizomes of a noid dark red dwarf bearded iris

1 large rhizome of "Boo" dwarf bearded iris that has bloomed and has four new rhizomes attached.

I would love to trade for dwarf irises that I don't have or asiatic lilies or tulip or daffodils, elephant ears or cannas but will trade for other things--please check my trade list. Thanks.


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