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HAVE: Have And Want List / Have a Look / Some Cool Stuff

9 years ago

*** SORRY I Know Kind Of Long But PLEASE Read ALL Before Replying ***

Because I'm Pretty Low On Space & I'm Really Only Looking For Plants That I Really Want
+ I Hate To Say NO To People

Will Happily Trade More Of Mine For Less Of Yours Of Higher Value
(Yes Since I Sell Plants I Do Put a $ Value On Them)

Haven't really sat down & typed out a FULL list yet This Is Just a "Off The Top Of My Head" List I have more than is listed available Feel Free To Email Me For Pics Of ANYTHING I Have Listed


*2 small VooDoo Lily corms ~ 1 S. Venosum & 1 A. Konjac
About Nickel to Quarter size
For worth wild trades Only

*Crocosmia ~ NOID ~ Bright yellow & orange flower ~ Fresh Bulbs & Seeds
Humming Birds Love Them

*Rock Purslane ~ Purple flower ~ Fresh cuttings ~ A Lot
Please see link for pics & more info.

*Plumeria Cuttings ~ White flower with yellow center
For trades that make it worth the price of shipping Only
NOT looking for any other Pulmeria cuttings

*Yellow/Gold Brug. / Angel Trumpet
Fresh & Rooted Cuttings & Full Seed Pods
Not sure of exact var. but it's a Super fast grower & makes large bright flowers that smell awesome in the evening
Can also do fresh cutting of White & (Pink/Red/Peach) or what ever you want to call that colored one
NOT looking for any other Brug. cuttings

*Sweet Potato Vine (Yam / Orange One) ~ White & Purple Flower
Rooted plants / Slips / Small tubers (that I didn't eat / LOL) from my plants

*2 Small Taro Bulbs / Started

*Begonia ~ Beefsteak
Small to Med. Rooted Plants - Maybe some seed pods

*Spanish Moss / Tillandsia Usneoides

*Horse Tail Rush + other misc. water/pond plants ~ Ask for available & pics
Most NOID / Small plugs / Cuttings / ??? - What ever is easiest to ship
Again with the shipping price thing on size / amount ~ For trades worth the shipping price only

*A ton of Cat Tail seeds ~ Will do by the ziplock bag full
Trade Or SASBE Or $3.25 Shipped via PayPal for a WHOLE LOT

*A few Aloe plants ~ NOID

*Yellow Canna ~ Small growing plants
Maybe some bulbs ???

*Curly Willow / Salix Matsudana ~ Rooted Plants Or Small Fresh Cuttings
Again with the shipping $$$ thing on bigger live plants

*Bryophyllum Pinnatum ~ Leaf pullings / Maybe small live plants
Super Easy To Start From Leaf Pullings

*Pregnant Onion / Ornithogalum Caudatum
Small fresh just off the mother plant bulbs ~ Rooted bulbs / Small to med. flowering size plants ~ Seeds coming soon

*Pickle Cactus / Delosperma Echinatum
Rooted plants & fresh cuttings

*Baby Toes / Festraria Rhopalophylla ~ Small rooted divisions / Limited

*Rosemarry / Fresh cuttings

*Maybe some Bromeliads that I could divide pups from ???
*Queens Tears Seeds / Full pods

*Hoya / Fresh cuttings ~ Forgot ID ~ White & Pink Flower
Trade for other Hoyas or something that makes it worth me cutting up my plant for Only

*Green Dragon / Arisaema Dracontium
Bulbs ~ Plants ? ~ Seeds Coming Soon
You have to talk me in to pulling a plant or bulb

*Italian Lords & Ladies ~ Arum Italicum ~ Believe 'Gold Rush ~Corms/Bulbs
Again For Something Worth Making Want To Dig My Patch Up

*Spider Plants ~ A few different kinds ~ Off shoots ~ Maybe a bigger plant

*Maybe Even Some Nepenthes / Carnivorous Tropical Pitcher Plant / Vine Cuttings
For Special Worth Wild Trades Only / Inquire With What You Have To Offer

*Misc. Veggie Seeds / Ask

Misc. Succulents / Jades Etc... Fresh cutting / Rooted ???
& All kinds of other Misc. plants I can take cuttings from ???
Some with ID / Some NOID
Will Check Your Wanted List

My Main Interest Is In Odd Weird Bizarre Unusual Plants & Mexican Pinguicula / Butterworts Also VooDoo Lilies Other Than Venosum & Konjac But will happily trade for / Off the top of my head \*Amorphophallus Paeoniifolius / Any size corm / Will Hook You Up \*Heliconia / Plants or Cuttings / Any \*Hoya ~ With darker colored flowers Hindu Rope ~ IDK the name but would Love the Green & Purple one \*Bonsai Candidates\* / Small Well Rooted Establised Cuttings \*Black Bat Plant / Tacca Chantrieri ~ Any size Live Plant Only ~ NO Seeds \*Crassula Capitella / Campfire Plant \*Arum Pictum / With DARK Flower / Not A. Italicum \*Aquatic Sensitive Plant / Neptunia Aquatica \*Lithops & Other "Living Rock" Plants \*Haworthia ~ Other than solid green \*Adenia Cladosepala \*Black / Sting Ray Or Other Interesting Elephant Ears \*Maybe Pond / Water Garden Plants ??? \*Prickly Caterpillar Bean / Scorpiurus Muricatus And \*Sensitive Plant / Mimosa Pudica Seeds / At Least a Fare Amount ??? Tempt Me ??? I'm Sure That There's Other Plants Out There That I Don't Even Know I Want Yet / LOL Just NO Cactus Of Any Kind I Hate Cactus LOL Sorry but now it's time to be Brutally Honest If you've ever traded with me you know I'm Very Generous with what I send But Please Keep Trades Worth Wild i.e. Not interested in trading for everyday common plants that would cost me less than shipping to buy I don't want pay $6 or $8 for shipping + the value of the plant(s) for something I can buy for 2 or 3 bux That Just Makes NO Scene To Me Also there's a 99% chance that I'm Not interested in any common plants that you can get at any HomeDepot or WalMart or if there's like 50 of them listed on eBay They Don't have to be Rare ~ Just Uncommon ~ Stuff you don't see everyday Prefer Plants Cuttings Bulbs Over Seeds Container Plants NO Pretty Garden Bed Plants If You Think You Have Something I Might Be Interested In Hit Me Up Even If You Don't See Anything You Want On My Have List I Have Other Stuff I Can Offer Thanx Eric

Will Also Trade For Bonsai Pots (Prefer Smaller Ones)
Plastic Trainer Pots & Used Pots Are Fine
Just No Cracked Chipped Or Broken Ones Please

Off Topic But Might Also Trade For

Live Inverts
Insects / Bugs / Spiders & Tranchulas / Scorpions / Centipedes / Millipedes / Walking Sticks / Praying Mantis / Banana Slugs / Larger Beetles / Assassin & Wheel Bugs / ???
In Qty. Of At Least 5 Or 6
(Will Provide Shipping Info. On How To Safely Ship)

? Oddities ?

Can Also Offer Sideshow Gaffs (Side / Freak Show Art / Props) & Oddities For Trade
Email Me For a Link To Samples
Custom Work Available

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