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Wanted: Drought Tolerant Perennials

12 years ago

I am working on a small garden at my family's farm market (zone 5). I need drought tolerant plants to do this. I have been looking around to see what the catalogs and local nurseries have and then I thought I might be able to find some of my plants here. I'd love to do a trade (please see my trade list) or I could pay for the postage for you to ship them to me. It's up to you, but I'd really appreciate any help you can give me for this project!

Okay, first off. The spot is in full sun and does not get watered very often because it is right on our parking lot. The garden will be around our big, dark red sign. We will have a very light colored mulch with some large rocks.

I need a mounding, rather low growing shrub that has dark leaves. I am thinking of a Barberry or a Weigela.

I would like to pair it with the yellow from Euphorbia Polychroma and maybe Yucca Bright Edge (yellow and green).

I do have some evergreen boxwoods that I might keep tamed to add some green, but if you have a better plant please let me know.

As for the flowers. I definitely want some low growing hardy mums for fall - cushion mums in yellow and red preferably. For early summer and late summer I need some flowers, too, but I haven't decided exactly what. I was thinking of blue/purple hardy salvia and yellow or red hardy yarrow.

Suggestions, comments, and a trade!

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