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HAVE: Disco Bell Red Hibiscus, Crinum Lilies, Spider Lilies

10 years ago

I am looking for a special trade, and would like to trade more than one plant to make it worth the shipping.

I have :

1.) Hardy Hibiscus Dinnerplate Disco Bell Red - I grew these from divisions from my main plant and they are a good planting size so it will take me a long box.

2.) Hardy Hibisus white with a cherry pink center - good sized

3.)Spider Lilies (Lycoris radiata )

4.) Crinum Lilies ( sorry no name on these but a light pink)

5.) Aguilegia Columbine Pink Nora Barlow, full plants

And honestly I do have alot more to trade, just throwing some things out there.

I am looking for unusual plants for my garden, whether it's in coloring, shape, foliage, etc...tropicals too as we have a greenhouse finally .

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