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Replacing concrete walkway with pavers or stamped concrete? Pics

14 years ago

Good morning,

Our front landscaping is getting a mini-makeover this spring. We removed the oversized junipers, as well as the gravel mulch. Once the junipers were gone I remembered why they were placed in front of the walkway in the first place - to hide it! It's beyond horrible!

I'd like to remove it and install either a brick pathway or a curved stamped concrete walkway. I have a few questions...

1. Which is more economical - pavers or stamped concrete? We would be able to install pavers ourselves, but would get a professional to do the stamped concrete.

2. The present walkway is only 24 inches wide. Would you suggest widening the walkway all the way to the side of the garage?

Any suggestions you have would be appreciated. Thank you!




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