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please help with awful front border (pics)

17 years ago

When I first moved here there were 3 boring ball evergreens in the front border. I dug them up and planted perennials. Unfortunately I still hate this border. It is bordered by the front porch on the left side, the house at the rear, the garage wall on the right side, and a terrible concrete walkway in front.

The border itself is about 8'x 3', southern exposure, amended clay soil. It receives about 6 hours of sunlight each day. Right now there are perennials in it and I add annuals in the spring.

I would like to replace the walkway--probably with pavers--but I can't move the location of the walkway. I would like to add a secondary walkway from about halfway down the driveway leading to the front porch, since I have beaten a path there getting out of my car. I can't move the walkway in front of the border because that's the only way from the driveway to the house from the right side of the driveway, where my DH parks.

I would love to hear some ideas--even radical ones!--about what I can do to this front yard. I absolutely hate it, particularly this front border. The only idea I have come up with at all is a small preformed pond in the front border with a fountain spitter on the brick wall on the far right.

Money is a concern (of course!), but ANY ideas at all would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance, Lizzy


from the street




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