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How to hide our new best friend (a transformer)? Need ideas.

16 years ago

We're building a new home on a ridge in Southern Colorado, about 5500 feet. We have a gorgeous view. We were misinformed about the possibility of removing the pole, lines, and transformer, all of which are visible from most places in our house. (We relied on what the neighbor's realtor said, in part, which wasn't true.) This is the view from the LR once you get 7 1/2 feet inside the front door. The pole's base is on a slope down from our house. If we planted a tree at the top of our slope it would need to be about 20 feet high to cover the transformer and pole. Of course, it would also obscure the view to some degree. I'd appreciate hearing any suggestions about what kind of a tree might do the best job of hiding the pole but not the mountain? Our house is on bedrock, but where we'd plant the tree there's loose rock until several feet down to the bedrock.

Thank you for any ideas you have and are willing to share.


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