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Ideas needed for hedge plantings above retaining wall.

17 years ago

I have a 6 ft tall red block retaining wall (25 ft long)towards the back of our house and would like to plant some type of hedge above it. This is an attempt to stop the kids from jumping off the top and into the backyard. Currently there isn't anything planted as it is new construction. The planting beds are 5 ft deep. This area gets a lot of South wind and sun most of the day. Pruning would be difficult to do because of the vertical distance from the backyard side so would like something that needs little to no pruning. I would prefer something that has year around appeal and would be able to handle zone 5 winters. I was thinking of rosa rugosa but am concerned about suckers making their way into the lawn. Should this be a concern?? Does anybody have any suggestions as to what I could plant?

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