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Can I do the terracing myself? Or, any other suggestions?

18 years ago

So here are 4 pictures of the side of my house that I want to terrace. I really don't have tons of money (that pesky thing called the mortgage seems to eat up most of it), so I am thinking of doing this myself. The slope is not too steep and I am thinking that two terraces would work.

However, I have NO idea how to even begin something like this. I guess lay out the curves, dig a trench and start putting down courses of block?

How tall should the walls be? It surely doesn't seem like rocket science, but I want it to look nice and I can't pay landscaper prices. Would I need drain tile and gravel for this kind of wall or could I just use soil?

If I decide not to terrace, how can I make this corner look good? The front of the house faces west, the siding side is facing south. What sort of plantings can I put here that will end up looking good?

Oh, and excuse the little itty bitty plantings that are there now. I have more time than money so I got small stuff. And all of it (except the birch) is moveable. I have no problems digging it all up to do the terracing.

And also, I *have* called numerous landscapers to try and get someone to help me design this...I have no issue paying a reasonable fee for the design expertise. However, actually getting someone out here seems to be impossible.

Thanks for any help.

Here are the pics:





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