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Huge commercial project behind me

10 years ago

Hi, all. The Deathstar has arrived-- that is, the 60,000 sf nursing home is going up behind us. To do this, they changed the grade across several acres. Right behind our fence it is at its steepest, 8 feet high which is 2 feet above the fence with the slope just a few feet beyond our fenceline. Looks a bit like a rising tide of dirt ready to overtake us. The nursing home itself has a wing which will be 50 feet past our fenceline. It's single story, so that is one mercy. I've hired someone to help us with the landscaping on our side, but I am hoping for ideas on what to suggest to the township. Right now there is a plan for staggered 6 foot evergreens at the base of the slope. That leaves the tops 2 feet below foundation grade so not much help with privacy! This nursing home is essentially going to be jutting out over our backyard on its own personal cliff.

The township and developer have agreed the current plan is problematic and have said "they'll work with it." I could use some help in what to suggest to them. I had thought of asking for the staggered white pine or whatever evergreen they pick to be placed near or at the top of the slope, perhaps with some small flowering deciduous trees on the slope itself (think it's a 3:1 rise if I'm remember right.) The slope will be awkward to mow-- there's so little space between it and the fence.

I know careful landscaping can make the difference between misery and something that's tolerable/resellable. I will ask my guy for advice, but meanwhile I thought I would put it to you all. Any thoughts for me?

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