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raised bed for a flower garden

14 years ago

Hi all,

I have a difficult spot at the end of my driveway that I would like to landscape. It has 2 ash trees growing at the edge, with a ton of periwinkle and euonymous bushes. Everything looks scraggly and ugly. It is across the driveway from my very well tended flower garden so it looks even worse in comparison.

The soil is terrible and nothing will grow in the small area I reclaimed from the periwinkle, not even Lily of the Valley. My solution is to put in 2 of these raised beds from Gardener's Supply. My issue is that the shorter, 6" deep bed might not be deep enough for flowers. I'm fine with annuals but would love to put in some perennials so I don't have to plant every year. My plan was to buy 2 beds and put the taller parts next to each other for some height interest. I will put weed block cloth down over the periwinkle (double layers) and either mulch or stones around the edges to cover the cloth where the beds donÂt go. IÂve thought about containers but the area is about 17ft long and that would be too many containers to buy/maintain! So my question is, do you think that the 6" height of the shorter bed is deep enough to plant flowers or should I go with a different bed solution? IÂm not a carpenter and my husband isnÂt any help in these types of situations so building a bed from scratch isnÂt really an option.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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