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Chihuahua friendly Townhouse Patio..?

16 years ago

Hey all, I could use some advice before I choose to learn through trial and error, that is expensive:)

I have recently bought a townhouse with a patio that is about 9 by 15 ft in size. I put a pet door in the wall leading there to let the girls do thier thing outside of course. They are used to a grassy back yard though and I would like to make the area more comfortable for them.

One third of the space is covered in concrete so that leaves a small area of just dirt about 9 by 9 feet in size that is just dirt right now. Is there a problem just tilling that up and laying sod down? If not what kind of grass would be recommended, not much sunlight gets in down there. I even thought of mini lanscaping it with a little hill or two?

Thanks for any input you can provide!


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