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Grant and the Fall Shrub Border

17 years ago

Well, in the spirit of trying to consider the big picture of my yard, I've been thinking about what to do close to the street, and I've found some inspiration from John A. Grant's Garden Design Illustrated.

What I'd really like to do with shrubs and trees is focus on Fall and Winter interest; and though I love being able to see forever when I'm outside, I also feel like I'm On Display whenever I go into my front yard.

Can anyone tell me what scale this plan is? He doesn't note his scale anywhere, and I tried adding up all the mature sizes but I couldn't get them to match.


"Plan 1 shows shrubs for a sunny corner. They are arranged to give a spectacular sequence of fall foliage color and a more subtle sequence of summer foliage color. The lightest fall color will occur at the deepest point of the incurve, with richer and stronger color building toward the outcurves. The color ranges from the deep red of the maple through the orange-red of the sumac to the yellow of the smokebush; then a similar sequence from the yellow of the smokebush to the red-orange of the hydrangea to the dark crimson of the filbert. The effect of these shrubs is supplemented by the vines planted to softly drape the fence."


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