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Want: variegated Lily of the Valley, President lincoln lilac &

14 years ago

I would love to get at least two pips of the varigated lily of the valley (already have the normal) two or three cuttings of the President lincoln lilac and a few cuttings of the Graham Blandy boxwood...unrooted is just fine. I can root them myself. In exchange I have many varieties of hydrangea, Nikko blue, raspberry parfait, harlequin, limelight, cityline paris, ryan gainey (hardier version of the white annabelle) and the new pink annabelle (yes the new one)!! I am willing to trade for cuttings of these (unrooted) I also have some hacksaw hosta offspring that are ready to be planted (look it up on BEAUTIFUL!!) , also have a few BLACK mondo grass seedlings ready to be planted as well as green mondo grass. I have more seedlings as well but it will be a few more weeks before they can travel :) send me an email if your interested and lets work something out!!

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