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Blank slate back yard needs design assist

13 years ago

Hi all, I am new to the forum and hope I am even posting in the right place! We moved to NE OK last summer and purchased a not-very-old house with the common minimal landscaping in the front yard and nothing except bermuda grass and a privacy fence in the back. The property slopes slightly downward to the east in the back so that the fence does not provide terribly much privacy. We are looking to add perhaps a paver patio with seating wall right off the back of the house and will need to add screening expecailly to the northeast and east. The east fence is 105 feet long and I have about 30 feet from the back of the house to the back fence. Think long, narrow box.

My hope is that we can create the illusion that we are surrounded by more space than we are, and love the idea of making spaces or rooms in the garden, so that we can catch glimpses from the patio of other areas that might beckon to us. I hope to avoid the "row of shrubs along the fenceline" thing and would like to have more of a 3D effect and raised or sloping beds that slope up toward the back fence.

Is this too vague a place to start?

I have checked out books from the library and find myself circling round and round in a fit of indecision.

Hoping that I have found the place that can help me!


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