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Just Finished Installing the EarthBox AWS in My EarthTainer

14 years ago

I was able to adapt the EarthBox Company's Automated Watering System (AWS) to my much larger 31 gallon EarthTainer design via a simple modification of the filler tube. I replaced the stock 12" filler tube with a 1.5" I.D. ABS tube cut at 15.25"


I located the filler tube in the center of the short length of the 'Tainer, as I wanted maximum bench strength at the corners where the tomato cage legs are attached. With my 6" aeration bench height this tube length tops the water right at 5.25" and holds it there with high accuracy.


I just fired up the watering system now, and the trickle of water flowing into the 26 EarthTainers is music to my ears. No more manual watering, EVER.


Well worth the per plant cost of $6.25.


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