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HAVE: White Fragrant 'Star' Jasmine / Confederate Jasmine

Hi !

I will be trimming up my 'Star' Jasmine this week and can send some long healthy cuttings to anyone who is interested. (enough that you could root quite a few plants if you divide it down even more)

The flowers on this vine smell WONDERFUL!!! I have it growing right up the side of my porch.

I can provide either hardwood or softwood cuttings and will go ahead and dip in rooting hormone powder if you would like for me to.

I am looking for some of my wants but especially any of the following:

Fig Cuttings **MOST WANTED** (especially brown turkey or honey- but will consider most others!)

Red Spider Lily

Any double or ruffled daffodils

Honeysuckle 'Major Wheeler' or 'Dropmore Scarlet'

Thanks for looking!


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