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Replacing wood/concrete sonotube wall with poured concrete

15 years ago

I have a wall approximately 120' long by 4'high that is constructed of reinforced 8in. concrete posts (used 8in. sonotubes) on 4' centers, and 2"x12" redwood behind the posts to form the wall. The problem is, the redwood is reaching its end-of-life and is infested with termites.

I was thinking of rebuilding the wall by drilling holes into the concrete posts about every 8in vertically and putting in rebar with epoxy between each pair of posts. I could then tie in rebar vertically every 12 or 16 inches to form a grid, then fasten plywood to the faces of the concrete posts to complete the form. I could then pour concrete into each section to basically create a number of four foot wall sections, each tied into the existing 8in concrete posts.

My primary question is, will this be strong enough long-term, without having to pour a real footer. I mainly want to avoid having to excavate and tear out the complete wall to install a big footer. I believe the concrete posts are probably 2-3ft below ground level.

Thanks for any feedback.

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