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HomeMade Earth Box Design? FeedBack

13 years ago

I have been thinking of the following for a home made earth box design...

Take a large tote, fill the bottom 1/4 or 1/3 with a large gravel. About an inch from the top of the gravel, drill in the water overflow drainage hole.

Set into the gravel, a pond basket. Line the pond basket and rock layer with Burlap to prevent tons of soil from settling into the water.

Add a Bamboo pipe as your water conduit, as opposed to PVC in a corner.

Fill the box with your growing medium over the burlap. (if you don't have burlap, even a cotton fabric would work I figure... perhaps recycle a few T shirts that have had better days!) The rocks will support the weight of the soil with no complications or issues. Add a mulch layer on the top.

Now, add the water until it flows out of thedrainage hole.

Now, the rocks will take up some of the room for water, and it may need to be filled a little more. But, it should still store plenty of water! And, it just would be so so EASY to make, with the exception of a single drainage hole, and cutting the bamboo, there is no other cutting / drilling required! Truely, just about ANYONE could make this, and it would be super adaptable for large plant pots, really just about any size container!

Anyone familiar with these types of planters think of anything I am not thinking of??

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