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My container nectarine/cherry in bloom

14 years ago

I know there are a lot who ask questions about fruit trees in containers (i know i have) and so the last couple of years i started doing it a lot more. This year everything looks to be on its way towards producing fruit. The cheap blue containers were used because they are cheap, but i would like to repot into a whiskey barrels (not so ghetto). Other then that i used homemade mix of compost, store bought mix, some bark (i ground it up in the lawnmower) and some peat moss. I'm fertilizing with an Epsoma tree fert with all the minor nutrients.

I have Red Gold nectarine, Stella sweet cherry, several unknown peaches (seed grown) and have a lot more on their way. I like this method because my climate sucks for peach/nectarine/sweet cherry growing. I'm a little too cold. I store everything in my attached, unheated garage. Low temp outside was -17F and inside the garage probably well below 0F.





Both these trees were potted up last spring.

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