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Vegs. for weekend gardening?

12 years ago

I've searched a bit through old topics but can't find what I need to know: what vegetables to plant for my weekend-only garden. Here's the situation: I drive down late Friday night to my NE coastal cottage (800 ft. from saltwater, facing SE) spend 2 days gardening, and drive back to the city Sunday evening.

So far I've found that tomatoes, peppers, cruciforms (broccoli etc.) and squashes all do well without daily harvesting. No watering problems because we seem to have enough rain and fog, and I mulch heavily. No weeding problems because of same mulch. No critters because I fenced and gated the garden. Flying pests don't seem (so far) to destroy much.

But the fast-maturing crops - peas, lettuce, cucs, stringbeans etc. - get coarse, overripe and inedible if not picked soon enough.

I'd neverthless like to grow some. Are there particular varieties I should choose? Are there techniques for slowing them down? Do any of you have ways to deal with the problems of weekend-only gardening?

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