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How intensively can you plant peas in a wide bed?

15 years ago

I use 4 foot wide raised beds for my intensive vegetable garden. This year I'd like to grow as many snap and snow peas as possible and I'm wondering how closely they can be spaced without encountering shading problems. For example can I plant a wide bed full of Sugar Ann dwarf peas or will the plants in the middle of the bed not get enough sun and be too difficult to harvest?

What about the taller varieties? How much space needs to be allowed between double rows of tall Sugar Snap varieties on trellises? Would it work OK to put one trellis 6 or 8 inches in from the edge of the wide beds with a row of peas on either side. This would leave about 2 feet in the middle of the bed wasted. Could I plant something in the middle two feet, perhaps beets?

Thanks for any tips on wide bed planting,


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