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New Japanese inspired garden-need sugestions

16 years ago

I posted this in the Japanese Garden gallery but have not received suggestions. Perhaps overall garden diesign is more the forum.

I have recently moved into a new house and have several areas for gardens. There are some large rocks in one area so I have begun to create a Japanese style garden in that area (a triangle 40'X 20'). It is larglely in the sun.

So far I have a rock for sitting, an elevated serpentine flowering cherry, 2 mugo pines, a Jane Kluis pine, some ilex crenata for mounding, repens junipers and some small sedum for color. I would very much like suggestions for improvements in rock/plant placement. I can move all but the large flat sitting rock.

Would it make sense to add Japanese maples (or plums) just outside the border to provide shade?

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