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Are we nuts? Thinking of ripping out all my sod for veggies.

13 years ago

As I am sure some of you know from my last few posts my family and I are doing a veggie garden for the first time this year. We planned it most of last summer, put in some mid size raised beds last fall and have been reading and planning all winter long. Anyway, we have been spending a lot of time looking out the window and pacing things off in our back yard and we are actually thinking of ripping out a lot of our sod area to expand the garden. Right now we only have two beds, one is 4x15, the other is 4x10 and looking at the potential yield with five mouths it is a little discouraging. The area of sod that we are thinking of taking out would give us an extra 20x20 area of garden leaving about a 20x30 area of sod for the wee ones to mess around on. My wifes two chief complaints are that it is not much area for the kids to play on and two it turns over 50% of our backyard into a veggie garden right in the middle of town and if and when we want to sell it will be a detriment. My thinking is the park is nearby for the kids and I don't think we will be able to sell our house for a long time with what the market has done. We both think that this country is heading for tougher times and some extra home grown might be very helpful. Sorry for the long read but just thinking out loud a little.

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