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Ugly Ranch needs Curb appeal ~ Advice Please!

15 years ago

Mid Michigan. Zone 5, my house if facing North. I've finished my backyard, now I'm in desperate need of help with my front yard. The porch is horrendous. It is concrete with lumpy facing and white peeling paint. Ugly wrought iron. The walk is right next to it. Hoping I can jackhammer that out and start over. I HATE the squared off wood planter boxes and will be tearing them and the overgrown burning bushes out. The only thing I'm keeping is the window box, as I love flowers. I already have a weeping cotoneaster on order, but need more ideas on where it should go, etc.

I also need suggestions on paint trim (my house is white and getting new siding now along with a gray roof) tired of the sage green trim. Also thinking about using a product to paint my concrete porch to look like bluestone. Has anyone tried that? I need ideas on how to cover up the front face of the porch. I will be taking out the squared off wood, and replacing the oblong beds with curves. Any ideas on what foundation plantings would look good? I'm on a budget, so I need low cost ideas, please.

Also does anyone know of an online source where you can upload a picture of your house, and play with colors, designs etc?

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