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Have a question about half wine barrel planter

12 years ago

I'm planning on planting a climbing mini rose in a half wine barrel I bought yesterday. The thing is heavy as heck without any soil in it! I want to ask before I fill it up, because once I fill it up with soil I can't move the darn thing! I am going to leave it outside in my yard where I have full sun most of the day. Since it's going to be outside in the yard, does it have to be raised off the ground (like on a couple bricks) or can it sit on the ground? Would the planter wood rot if it sits on the ground? How long before it would rot? Would the rose survive better with the planter on the ground? I do live in a cold, snowy area NE Ohio zone 5b.

And, what is a good mix for the roses? I have on hand vermiculite, perlite, mini pine chips, MG potting mix. Will that do? Or do I need to go buy granite mini nuggets at Lowes?

As I said, the planter is going to be in it's spot once it's filled, and I can't move it anywhere because of the weight. So I need to find out what I have to do BEFORE I fill it up! :) lol

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