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Keep forcing bulbs potted outside or in garage?

I have some daffodils left to plant and am thinking about saving some for forcing. I read through the FAQs on forcing here. One thing I am not clear on is whether it would be better to place the potted bulbs outside or in my attached garage. The garage would obviously not get as cold as outside but still freezes. I have a sheltered corner on the east side where I could put a few pots and bring them into the house at the right time. I donÂt have a specific bloom time in mind, it just would be nice to have some blooms in late January or February.

I have both mixed daffodils and a named variety, a miniature called Jetfire. Are they supposed to be potted and cold for 12 weeks, and then brought inside? FWIW, these same daffodils have been in the garage well over a month, getting gradually colder all fall. Do I count any of that time? Can I pot both daffodils and crocus up together? Thanks!

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