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Why did my 4 o'clocks grow so poorly

18 years ago

I winter sowed about 60 4 o'clock seeds. 50 0f them germinated and grew beautifully until I transplanted them.

At first I thought it was my soil or the light that they where getting, but then found that the ones I gave to several friends all grew very poorly too. The only ones that did well where the ones that I put in 10 and 12 inch pots and the ones that friends put in even larger pots as well. The pots had miracle grow potting soil in them and we all put a big handful of MG in the holes when we planted the seedlings.

In the past, the only problems I have had growing 4 o'clocks where the chipmunks and groundhogs. For a few years there was a mass infestation of both and the 4 o'clocks where breafast, lunch, dinner and snacks inbetween.

The plants where so healthy at first, beautiful green leaves, then the leaves turned a yellow green, even the ones in the pots. In the end I only had 8 plants out of 25 survive, and friends had even fewer.

I remember when I was a kid, my younger brother dropped some 4 oclock seeds in an enormous bucket about the size of a whisky barrel full of beach sand. Those 4 0'clocks grew in the sand like weeds and where beautiful.

Any idea what happened to the ones I had this year?

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