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My Butternuts Rotting, like JonHughes' Did

10 years ago

I had a huge harvest of Butternuts this last season that I was justifiably proud of. I remember being concerned they wouldn't ripen in time, but the seemed to just in the nick of time, a day or two before frost came. Although I can say they've been tasting quite good they never did pass the "thumbnail" test. So in retrospect I figure they were never truly ripe. They've recently begun to look like JonHughs' Butternuts that went bad. The consensus on that thread was that they had been exposed to freezing temperatures. I can say for sure that mine were not, in my unheated, attached garage. Almost all were rotting around the stem which could easily be pulled off. There were random molds popping out here and there. And occasional wrinkled areas that would soften and sink in.

I can reasonably assume these Butternuts were never ripe enough for long term storage. I suspect Jon's weren't either, even though he's a bit warmer farther down south in the valley. But I think anyone trying to fully ripen Moschatas in the Northwest is taking a real gamble. I doubt I'll try again. Maybe Delicatas again next year, I've had good success storing those thru March. They say Maximas do well here, maybe it's time I give them a try. But I can't imagine any better fruits than these Butternuts. So much squash with so little seed cavity. Hard to beat.

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