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newbie question about bulb (iris) flowering time

17 years ago

Dear all,

I have dutch irises here that bloomed up very nicely with large yellow and purple flowers this spring. However I think the flowers only lasted between 2 to 3 weeks. And then the flowers started drying up, and are all now browned. That was pretty quick, I thought. It's reaching end of spring where I am. Is this normal? My neighbours seem to have longer bulb flowering times...I wonder what they do :)

I also have tulips that were flowering for up to a month, before the flowers dried up. It seems to me that the bulbs I have will only flower once, and once at the peak of its flowering time, and as flower dries up, no new flower stalks will this a normal behaviour?

Also, how do I dead head finished flowers? Do I cut just at the flower head, or the whole stalk? (the flower stalks for the iris still looks like and green...all the foliage is actually).

Lots and lots of thanks :)

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