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I proclaim Parsley the King of all salad greens.

12 years ago

Parsley is nutritious, tasty and easy to grow. But more important it has withstood overnight bitter cold temps to 10 degrees F. The bugs, rabbits and deer don't eat it. It is not picky about the soil or water requirements. It grows in sun or shade. It is biennial.

There are plenty of other nutritious greens out there such as purlsane, dandelion and an assortment of microgreens. But their seasons are short and they do not approach the flexible growing latitudes that Parsley possesses.

There can only be one King...I proclaim Parsley the King of all salad greens.

(The title for Queen and Prince of all salad greens are shared by Sorrel and Rocket. While both have similar qualities to Parsley, but both fail to beat Parsley in the areas I mentioned.)

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