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How many GWers grow Colchicum?

9 years ago

It is surprising why I hardly ever saw Colchicum mention on the GW.

It is very much anticipated in my garden because it looks so beautiful among autumn leaves.
The best part is that Colchicum begins to bloom when the garden is looking very tired and ready to quit.

Twenty some years ago, I planted several varieties of Colchicum, but only 'Lilac Wonder'* survived and slowly multiplied.
Correction: * I thought these were 'Lilac Wonder',
but after seeing them next to 'Lilac Wonder' that I just received from trades,
I think this maybe Colchicum cilicicum instead of 'Lilac Wonder'. *

I think I will split these two clumps in late October or next summer:


You will understand why I hid Colchicum 'Water Lily' in my backyard:

I don't know the name of this passalong one:

This summer, someone offered Colchicum for trades on this forum - the rarest occurence indeed because it was the very first time Colchicum was ever offered on the GW. I watched the post for a full day, but nobody responded to it, so I jumped at it and got 20 C. 'Lilac Wonder'! They are slowly pushing through now. Yippee!

Thank you, flash.

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