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Any small tulips which voles & squirrels won't eat?

8 years ago

I would love to plant some small tulips, in the 4 to 10 inch height range, in the yard. But there are voles aplenty, and of course squirrels. I've tried some plantings over the years but they usually don't come back after one bloom; some did last two years, a few lasted several years. Two lasted and multiplied for seven or eight years because, I suspect, they were in tough clay soil which is hard as concrete when dry, and very dry after an inch or two down is what usually much of that soil is. Obviously, clay soil with so-so drainage, very poor in some areas, better in others, is also a factor. Unfortunately, it seems that soil that's better drained is also easier to dig in and therefore more fatal for tulips.

So, what I am looking for are tulips for clay soil and avoided by voles and squirrels.

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