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What would YOU teach in a garden class series?

Hey everyone. I'm new to the forum... excited to learn from all of your eclectic experiences and whatnot!

Quick background- I work for a restaurant here in Baltimore that donated the resources to build a beautiful 30'x44' greenhouse in the heart of the Harbor on the Living Classrooms campus.

Living Classrooms is a nonprofit that umbrellas many, many urban outreach programs, including an after school program for 2-5 graders that includes a hefty gardening/cooking/nutrition aspect! My job is essentially the ongoing donation made by the restaurant I work for, Waterfront Kitchen, to provide the educators in those areas and classes and curricula with the materials and labor needed for their lesson plans! It's kinda the best job ever.

Anyway, The restaurant is having me teach a kitchen gardening class series to TRY and offset some of the money they're spending on the donation. The greenhouse is big and beautiful and also used as a site for catered meals. I'll post photos someday soon! It's all very exciting.

I HAVE NEVER TAUGHT gardening before. The first class is just a "Preparing for the Growing Season" class. HELP ME! I'm writing handouts and coming up with lesson plans but I would REALLY appreciate some input! This is all second nature to me at this point, so I could use some outside insight on how to approach it... imagine the pupils as a mix of beginner and intermediate gardeners.. some basics, some tricks and tips people may not have thought of. Thanks!!

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