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What is the biggest and most double zinnia?

11 years ago

I've tried the Benary Giants before (from Territorial Seed and as Park's Picks) and didn't get any 5" blooms. I got maybe 3"-4" blooms, and some were not as double as the dahlia blooms pictured. I like the look of the Benary Giants in photos, but my flowers weren't so petal packed or impressive. Yet at my local mall, the zinnias they planted looked a lot like Benary Giants and were huge. How far apart do the Benary Giants need to be spaced to reach their full potential? I planted mine about 8" apart in good soil.

For next year, I'd like to grow giant dahlia type zinnias. Can you recommend cultivars and where to buy them? Also, does the cultivar come uniform or are there a lot of single and semi-double flowers mixed in?

Possibilities I've looked at--please comment:

Uproar Rose

Park's Big Red (supposed to be 5-6" wide)

Burpeeanna Giants

California Giants (not quite dahlia flowered)

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