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my poor zinnias.. can they be saved?

11 years ago

hi all!

i started my zinnias (giants) from seeds, direct sow and they've been going like gangbusters, but had to move several of them due to either not enough sun, or the miniature dahlias were crowding. they range in size from 1-2 feet tall, and 2 of them already had a bud on them.

so i moved them over to a much sunnier spot - was able to get all the root ball for each one - but they started wilting almost immediately! what would your recommendations be?

do you think they'll make it? also, they're pretty tall with only one main stem, so i'm wondering if i should have been pinching them all along? for the ones i've left in place - should/could i pinch those? they're pretty tall with one stem as well...

thanks for your help

angela :)

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