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Prepping a strawberry hanger

9 years ago

Good morning!
I purchased a hanging 10 inch pot and am planning on putting some strawberries (2 or 3) in it to replicate the already purchased plant we used last year. I've got the crowns and some commercially available dirt- the palm/citrus/cactus mix MG mix, a regular scotts brand and I've still got some violet mix left- should I blend 2 or all 3 types of soil or just use one? Which one do you think the quinalt type will like better?

It's final home will be the shepards hook downstairs in full sun, once the weather perks up a bit more. I'm close to a creek so I've got to watch for that mold(which is why I had to trash last years plants instead of wintering them). Until they can start moving outside during the day I was planning on hanging them on an indoor hook by my back door where they can get bright indirect light or under the 60w plant bulb in my living room on the inevitable gloomy early spring days that are hopefully coming soon.

I'd love some advice on how best to give them the best possible start, and I thank you for your time :D