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pushing the limits in space...

14 years ago

i have a small room for overwintering and starting early.

i would say 10'x10'. with a 1000 watt dual hps/mh/ system.

i have 3 pepper plants from last year 4' tall in 5-14 gallon buckets, along with my new crops of about 200 seedlings of new lettuce varieties, 2-3" tall in small 3" pots (which will be transplanted into windowsills and given away to family). wondering how much to start as i have about 30 varieties of EVERYTHING (from limas,peppers peas,lettuce,celery, carrots, etc....)to plant. i just need to know how much i can actually jam into this little area(mostly individually pots), without starving light and so forth. as some things pop up and grow i can get them to windowsills and out of the grow room, i just didn't want to overwhelm myself again. if i can grow it to maturitty, i will in the room, if not it will be transplanted to a better place. i was just wondering how much i could grow in this small space over the winter, until the spring/summer arrives or is ready for a harvest/or transplant. thanks ccwood

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