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Tulips in rich Soil? How to plant?

10 years ago

So after reading a lot and before I purchase any bulbs, I've been wondering how to include tulips in my fresh beds. They've been rototilled and had composted manure worked in.

I do have very sandy soil that I've been transporting to the compost dump because I don't have room for. We've taken a few trailer fulls as we've got a pond in the works too.


1. Can I plant tulip bulbs in say a compostable pot in sand and bury the pot or should I use plastic.

2. If the pot is only 4 inches high and the tulips are supposed to be 8 inches deep planted, should I dig the hole 8 inches deep and sink the pot 8 inches deep and backfill with sand or topsoil? If topsoil then I can plant other stuff on top correct?

3. Or should I just dig 8 inches deep and just throw sandy soil in there. Won't the sand eventually migrate into the surrounding topsoil?

Thanks for any help.

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