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Need Pruning advice for Ginseng Ficus

14 years ago

Hello, I got this bonsai (which I think is a Ginseng Ficus about 6 years ago and it was very neglected inside in the tiniest of pots all this time. Last year I re-potted it and set it outside where it gets morning sun and it has grown to 5 times the size...I am wanting to prune it properly and take the time to give it better shape and care but have no idea how to, even after doing research.

My question is, does anyone have any general advice on what I should aim for? The branches seem long and sparse, if I cut the longest ones down to give it an even shape will leaves grow out of the cut branch, or do I only cut the branch if I want to get rid of it? I appreciate any advice I can get as I am not sure of anything.

Thank you so much, here is a link to a picture of it:

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