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Question about fertilizer and blooms

10 years ago

Hello everyone,

I'm hoping some of you can help me understand more about fertilizing. This is my only 2nd year having a balcony garden so I'm not that experienced.
Are you supposed to use different fertilizer for flowering plants versus plants like coleus and elephant ears (west indian kale)? I have two different kinds, Miracle grow all purpose water soluable and I recently bought a different one by Schultz that has a higher middle number (also water soluable) as I read that its supposed to promote more blooms. I have a lot left but I'm thinking of switching to those slow release pebble ones like from osmocote or even Miracle Grow's, if its worth doing it now vs when I run out-which won't be for a while. I figure its a little less fool proof for fertilizing. I read the directions on the box but am unsure if I'm underfertilizing.

I just cant seem to get a whole lot of blooms, my impatiens (NG) do fine but my marigolds and pansies are barely producing blooms (I have them mixed together in a pot, could it be too packed?) I have a SW facing balcony so its not full sun. Maybe gets its good amount of direct light from 3 til 7.

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