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Hydroponics Container Vs Soil Container

9 years ago

I was just researching Hydroponics and one thing that I noticed over there was that the size of the roots are not so big but properly grown hydroponically, the plants are much more productive. The reason that the pro-hydroponics give is that because the roots get whatever they need, water, food and air without any effort and therefore all the energy goes into the visible portion and therefore the pot sizes can also be small

With soil based pots, it is always recommended that the bigger the better because deeper and more roots are better and they will promote more visible growth and deep watering is recommended.

The question that comes to the mind if soil based pots are provided with similar care as provided under hydroponics, cant we get similar growth in a small container? Perhaps container gardeners dont have the time to give care manually. But just in case they do have, can we grow plants with similar results as hydroponics in smaller pots (and therefore lesser potting soil - which is an expensive part of container gardening)?

Appreciate your inputs


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