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natural chinese elm to indoor bonsai

15 years ago

Last spring I cut a Chinese elm at about 1 feet from the ground. I was surprised to see last week that it has grow lot's of new branches. I'm very interesting to transform it in a bonsai tree. I read that chinese elm are excellent to learn how to master the art of bonsai. Fall is coming real quick here. I wonder if I can take it inside before winter to start the training. Is it ok to do that before winter. If yes I suppose the best time would be after the tree lost its leaves? I'm almost sure I shouldn't start it in a bonsai pot but just a normal terracotta pot for the 1st year or 2. I read also that chinese elm indoor bonsai can be kindda evergreen. I wonder how this tree will manage with the environment changes (from outside to inside in pot). Just let me know if it's ok to take it inside now or I should wait until spring.

David P P

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