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Tulip poplar in a micro pot...

13 years ago

For christmas i received "The Mini Bonsai Kit". I never had time to grow it and so it sat in the box until now. I pulled it out yesterday to find a tiny pot (2.5 inches in diameter and 1 inch deep), 5 jackpine seeds, a pair of mini scissors, a book, and a peat pellet. I decided against using the jackpine seeds or peat pellet, and went on an expedition to find one of my favorite trees, the tulip poplar! My exploratory venture was succesfull and i found a natural "bonsai" seeedling with tiny leaves and a tiny root system growing in part shade. I filled the pot with potting soil and powdered manure watered well,and placed in dappeled sun. Any concerns or tips? Although the seedling is 1.75 inches that pot still seems a bit small... Could i bring it in this winter and extend the growing season? Am i thinking too far ahead and asking too many questions? Yes, yes i am.

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