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Menards has summer bulbs out.

I know it's not as big a chain as HD, but you never know who might have one in their neigborhood.

They had:

Dahlias (very big selection, lots of cactus types, my favorite)

Glads (some really exotic ones)

Tuberous begonias (rose form, ruffled, and hanging basket in red, pink, and yellow)

Ranunculus (a few)

Caladiums (3 colors)

Lilies (all orientals: LeReve, Muscadet, Mona Lisa, Casa Blanca, Stargazer, Aubade, Legend, and lots of various pink ones whose names I forget)

Elephant ears (solid green kind) that were HUGE. $6.99, and some more than 4 inches across.

I bought Aubade and Legend there a few years ago when they went on clearance. They are STUNNING lilies.

This time I bought just dahlias. I got a solid purple cactus, and solid white cactus, an orange-yellow bi-color for my "hot" bed, and a cute little 10" purple single. I love singles, but they are hard to find in stores. I donÂt want everything to be enormous. The bags are in the garage so I donÂt remember names.

I am still thinking about other optionsÂ.I may go back. If I knew more how to start caladiums IÂd go for them. IÂve never grown the Elephant ears so am thinking about that too. Not sure where IÂd put one.

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