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What do you want to see in Bonsai? (pseudorant)

17 years ago

I want to see more "Nature" reflected in bonsai.

Nebari is Nice, I don't think you will find anyone who would dispute that, but it seems that everyone is chasing it, I have seen so many galleries with Elms and Maples that have good two inch diameter trunks, then Outrageous 7 inch Nebari, it looks like someone covered a trumpet with bark, I understand the sorotf turtle back draw, but it seems like everyone is going for it, and to me it looks about as natural as a braided trunk, what would be nice would be some fluting, but I understand the limitations on that.

Also, I'd like to see people training trees to look like trees, It seems that everyone who does a formail upright goes for the same shape, the same branch density, and the lowest branch is always a third of the way up, this does form a fairly pleasing tree to look at, but the problem is that there are many trees out there that do not look like this, I'd like to for once see a spruice bonsai that looks like a spruice, or a European Beech that looks like a European Beech.

And lastly, how about one Juniper that isn't riddles with dead wood, Yes it is a striking statement of the struggle for life, but everone since 1970 who has done a juniper seems to have made the same statement, some in more masculin ways than others, I want to see more junipers that look like ones that I may have seen hiking, it shouldn't be that hard.

Now, I understand that some things just can't be recreated in the medium (a monkey puzzle tree for instance) but I'd like to see more people trying, that and I'd like to see my stock growing faster, but thats a whole different thread,

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