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First Time Planting Bulbs- Please Help!

15 years ago

I live in NJ (Zone 6 I believe) and I live in an apt with a balcony. I am planning to plant bulbs in pots on my balcony as soon as spring arrives. The problem is I'm having issues figuring out what to plant.

I want TALL flowering bulbs. What I'd like to plant this spring are Gladiolus, Dahlias, and something else. (and Peonies in the fall) but I just read that Gladiolus and Dahlias aren't hardy for zone 6. They start at zone 7. Does it make any difference that they aren't going in the ground and will not get any snow on them because they will be under an overhang? Or do I still need to dig them up after teh winter and bring them inside the apt?

Can you make any other suggestions? Or do you think I'll be ok with the Gladiolus and Dahlias leaving them outside in the winter.

Any help/suggestions/ideas would be most helpful. Thank you!

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