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Hello, I'm new and want to get started in the winter!

15 years ago

Hello everyone, I've posted this in the container gardening forum but thought I'd introduce myself to you too.

I'm a lifelong organic gardener but new to container gardening (just moved from a place with a huge garden to a condo with a small deck (zone 7B), about 12 x 12, plus a small deck and flight of stairs in front of the unit, a space with hot, dry, total shade under the main deck, and that's about it) and I look forward to learning from this group! I'll be starting lots of my plants from seed (for fragrance and to attract wildlife, butterflies, bees), but I want to go ahead and give the main deck garden some structure and winter interest with evergreens. The deck gets sun from late morning til end of the afternoon, except for immediately against the wall. So I'll have sun and shade containers. The small deck gets intense afternoon sun; it's off the kitchen so that will be my herb and tomato garden.

I already have half a dozen roses (teas, HTs, climbers) in containers, which are doing great. Also have 5 40-gallon plastic ice tubs with rope handles (the kind you use to cool drinks at parties). Spray painted them dark green and am now going to fill them. Styro chunks or peanuts at the bottom, then dirt, then mulch. I've drilled 5 large drainage holes in the bottom of each container and have them positioned on top of very large drainage saucers with feet, some on rolling casters, to keep them directly off the deck.

Any suggestions on evergreens, ivies, berries, other plants for winter interest? The living room has a view of the deck and trees beyond, so I'd like to have something to look at this winter. Later on, I'll be winter sowing seed for annuals and perennials next year and will interplant.

I'd also appreciate ideas for structures to use for vertical gardening. I've got a solid wood privacy fence on one end of the deck that will need a net, trellis, or something for vines to scramble on. Also need shelves or racks for lots of pots. Any good websites with instructions on building your own?

This garden needs to be long on creativity because it's short on budget :-)

Many thanks in advance for your help and advice!

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