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How do you all light your gardens?

18 years ago

If you even do, that is.

Part of the blessings of living in the country, to me, is dark nights,

star light, moon waxing and waning, no floodlit auto dealerships.

But, we need to see the paths, and a twinkle here and there in the trees,

or lighting up a special hardscape feature, or a beautiful plant or pond,

that just makes a night garden accessible and magical.

I tend to go with mini lights in the trees and a few solar spots and globes.

Big outdoor candles (IKEA has the best) in lanterns for parties.

One of my favorites is candles in paper lunch bags along a path, though it's

a bit of a bother when you're busy.

There never seems to be enough light on the grill around here.

I'm curious how other people do lighting, pictures, if you have any, would be

really interesting.

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