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What kind of glue should I use for this project?

I posted this at the craft forum but it has lay 'dormant' over there so thought I would post here :)

I have an idea of a table I want to make using a tall urn that has metal handles that are flush with the top of the pot. I think the urn is some type of concrete or terracotta mix. I want to use some type of adhesive that dries clear to glue a round glass top on to it. So what kind of glue dries clear and strong, and can be used on metal, glass and concrete or terracotta? Any help would be appreciated. Also does anyone have an idea of what type of lights I could use to make uplighting -say in the bottom of the urn pointing up? Something that doesn't get too hot? I could run the cord out the back the urn through a drilled hole. Thanks


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